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*nix: everything is a file!

phone os built on *nix: lol wtf is a file

@dredmorbius Akin to the age old question “what happens when an unstoppable object collides with an immovable object?” 🙂

@gadonias Well, I haven’t got it to work so far on a Pi4. There are, of course, other sbc’s that probably would work.

I like the idea of having my own instance, because it really drives home the point of decentralised social media. But it comes with caveats, like having something online that’s potential vulnerable and draws energy. I don’t have solar panels... 😄

@gadonias Define better? Because I can think of reasons for and against either option...

@fribbledom Assembly won over Erlang? Not by much, but still....

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It’s not new, but I think about the solar powered website build a lot. The optimizations there are great even if you’re not going solar all the way.

@dredmorbius Many things start to make sense when you realise economics isn’t a science.

@quad That’s why they go for the price of a small car. It’s how people justify those prices too: “yeah, but it’s really a computer, isn’t it, not so much a phone.”

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@mauromorales Happened to me too. It’s a horrendous experience. Google is an international company, and they can’t fix that. Pretty stupid, really.

What binaries does a Mastodon install depend on that prevents it from being installed on a Raspberry Pi 4B (Ubuntu 19.10, linux-arm64)?

I made some changes to the official Dockerfile in order to use linux-arm64 sources, everything worked (well, built) until I tried to run `docker-compose up`.

It complains about 'exec user process caused "exec format error",' which I believe is due to wrong binary (e.g., compiled for amd64)? It's coming from 'standard_init_linux.go'.

Hm... Go... 🤔

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Big tech platforms like Facebook and Google are elephant poachers, and our personal data is ivory tusks. Author Shoshana Zuboff writes in “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism:”“Surveillance capitalism is parasitic and self-referential. It revives Karl Marx’s old image of capitalism as a vampire that feeds on labor, but with an unexpected turn. Instead of labor, surveillance capitalism feeds on every aspect of every human’s experience.” #Zuboff #surveillancecapitalism

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@Valenoern Never knew about unhosted. I learn so much new stuff simply by looking away from the usual social media.

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