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there is a youtube 'walkout' going on this week to protest google's discriminatory content moderation practices

the call is for no one to visit that site from now to the 14th (or just ever, imo) to stand in solidarity with marginalized creators

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Protonmail, an end-to-end encrypted, privacy and security conscious email service, is extending its Black Friday premium offer through December 8.

I've been a very satisfied (and nonpremium) user for the past several years. 10:10 would recommend as an alternative to the non-encrypted, surveillance-capitalism alternatives.

If you can pay, you help support those who cannot.


So I got my personal pixelfed instance up and running. Now I need it to federate, as it doesn’t seem to do it automatically. But I could be wrong, I’m new to this. 😊

I’m starting to like mastodon more and more.

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Next on my backlog of links, here's a response to a teacher who was badly misinformed on technology:

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There's a petition to Save the .org top level domain. Apparently, ICANN could still stop it from being sold.
I know, petitions rarely work, but I also know that _sometimes_ they do.
Please consider signing if you _run_ anything there, or if you _use_ or _care about_ anything that's on a .org domain. Also, boosting this to others who follow you, would be very much appreciated.

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“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.

@sandyman No nice “mirrored from Twitter “ thingy for me? 🧐

@aral Hey mate. Was just checking out your site, what a treasure trove! I'll probably build the portable webserver at some point, awesome idea! Looking at site.js, I noticed the link to GitHub is broken. See here:

You might want to check that out. :)

Keep up the good work!

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**Australië brandt, conservatieve premier ontkent relatie met falend klimaatbeleid**

"Australië kampt met ongekende bosbranden die steeds bedreigender worden. Hele gemeenschappen moeten op de vlucht slaan voor het zich voort vretende vuur. Australia in the last 72 hours. #nswfires #qldfires #SAfires #vicfires #WAfires…"

#opinie #nieuws #bot

Well, the "auto publish" plugin for Wordpress obviously doesn't work correctly. I didn't post a picture of a gym with the comment "Loading, please wait ..." So, here's the correct link:

A new train service in my old home town sparked this blog post. Without naming which town I'm talking about. 😆

I'm having trouble "embracing social media because it's 2019".

Do we really need to embrace social media because it's 2019?

Because it seems to me we're really no better off with them.

Perhaps worse, even.

After some 9 months, I finally made some changes to time of last measurement on the stats page, and a line showing the mean of upload/download/ping values.

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