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@sl007 @cwebber @Gargron May the scales this decade tip towards individuals and communities, instead of monolithic behemoths!

Here's part one of a hardware project I've been working on the last couple of days:

Ah, So it's not the length of the word. If you want to register some random set of letters (say, three) you'd pay a very low price. But an actual word, say "" will again cost you dearly (almost 5K in that case).


For example, at Crazy Domains, trying to register "" will set you back almost AU$10,000, but when you want to register "", it's only going to cost you AU$15 (for the first year). Maybe the shorter the word, the higher the price?

It seems some of the newer domains have a dynamic pricing model. For instance, *.tech or *.blog. Not sure how it works, but when you look for them, they might be advertised "from $15/yr", but when you actually try to get one, its price may be in the thousands of $$.

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Really, asking "what should replace Facebook" is putting things the wrong way around.

A more interesting way to ask the question is, "what did Facebook replace."

People used to build their own websites. People used to have blogs. People used USENET which was truly distributed and un-censorable.

Facebook and Google took the open internet and open standards and monetized and made everything crappy. Enough of that. Nothing should replace Facebook, it's done, stick a fork in it.

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1x1 of what #webdev's should not do, but even Steam does it: UA sniffing.

They block #Firefox. (actually only allow #Chrome/#Chromium) For no reason.

If you try to reproduce it, it works, because Firefox shipped with a crazy workaround and spoofs the #UA. See

Anyway, that this steps have to be taken tells how bad a #browser #monopoly is. #Steam is only one incident.
Look at about:compat to see more workarounds.

More details:

I just published "Fed up with Big Tech"

The modern internet is broken. We need to get it back from the Big Tech companies before it's too late. And we can.

Is it possible to run Mastodon behind a reverse proxy, one that handles SSL certificates for https connections? I mean, the default nginx.conf handles all that, and I guess you wouldn't need all of it behind a reverse proxy? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

@sandyman One reinstall further and it seems to work. In which case it was a setting. 🙄

@sandyman It’s probably some stupid configuration setting that I got wrong

@sandyman Twenty years ago, I would sink my teeth into this problem. Now I think Oh ffs, why can’t this just work? 🤷‍♂️

Nginx reverse proxy set up on RPi. Another one runs Gitea, and all run in Docker containers. Seems to work until I need to restart the Gitea container, then I get 502 Bad Gateway. I’m baffled.

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