I just received a mail from the SNT : «SNT Abuse received a complaint from ICTS that your computer (mac@) allows database connections (ElasticSearch) from the internet. This functionality can be exploited by malicious people to steal confidential or private information. Would you therefore ensure that this service is configured to only allow connections from the clients that use the database service?
Please reply to us what you have done to solve the problem, so we can close the complaint»

@tdouzon Thanks for sharing. I don't know why this happens. Maybe we should add settings to elasticsearch.yml to close connection from outside? c.c. @dolf

@hiemstra @dolf I tried adding those two lines to my .yml:
« localhost _all»
But then I can't access ES anymore and I need to reboot my computer to make it work properly again.

@tdouzon @dolf As a follow-up: This problem occurs when you do not use a firewall on your laptop, or if you somehow opened up your firewall. I don't think this can be solved with Elasticsearch settings. Please enable the firewall on your system.

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