Really good (Dutch) thread on covid-19 statistics collection methods (+ implicit assumptions)

Lots of news on covod-19, but what is underreported in my opinion: infections are hitting older age groups again. Nice dataviz (heatmap) on twitter

real world code: you do a lot of rituals with types for the compiler, and in the end a wrong password leads to an io exception...

Local news: An article on the ban of the usage of glyphosate to kill all plants (before re-sowing) on ground leased from the municipality that focuses on the impact to farmers, who need it to 'grow nice pasture'/create ecological deserts.

You can also view it as (an example of the) functions as a service security model. Where this one is sharing worker processes between tenants instead of routing requests to a single instance.

Good read on the security & spectre mitigations (v8 isolates, no native code, limiting API surface that provides timing, isolating workers with high cpu usage) used for cloudflare workers

Three years late in finding it but there's a good/very clear blogpost on neural network noise reduction by Xiph/Mozilla at

Usually when I plot something and last samples are (near) zero, I think the dataset is incomplete for recent samples. But here? No: Not noise, signal, COVID19.

Also the amount of Netflix traffic from local caches dropped (46% during lockdown, 67%) before. Hypothesis: Different distribution of content consumption by viewers than before lockdown?

Nice visualisations in a report on the effect of COVID19 on internet traffic at the application level. Reports a large increase in bandwith usage (known), extremely large increase in video conferencing (gut feeling, now based on data)

It's pervasive. Words have meaning, that you may not get. And some interviews make you realise – more than others – how close you've been to it. This one did that for me:

This friday I'm participating in a live demo of the setup of RPKI from scratch. If you are interested (or want to see how easy it is to improve routing security):

So... were there 0 or 4 images available? One view , two ways of filtering...

A good (but slightly unfortunate) use for a stacked bar chart: Show totals & distribution of total.

Wondering whether it was a concious choice to use raw numbers (c.f. proportional numbers) for this map. Since I do not know the population size of European countries by heart, with proportional data I would be unable to estimate the totals.

Black out tuesday. Wondering about the selection criteria for the screen takeover. - posting this without checking whether the Bellingcat reporter really reported 92 incidents of police violence agains journalists…

In (via HN), communicating generously is the one I like most to apply/when it is applied.

"assume your peer is a competent, intelligent, reasonable person who is asking a question because they’re lacking context, that they’ve already attempted to procure on their own."

GitHub published a deep dive on a golang bug. Much more interesting than the java things I deal with for work. What overlaps? The usage of application performance metrics.

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