Cleaning up my work inbox that catches error emails. Process threw exceptions in a loop, every exception was an email. This is why you implement a circuit breaker pattern 🤘

Beautiful datavisualisations of elections results at bloomberg - should have known about these yesterday!

Lots of news on covod-19, but what is underreported in my opinion: infections are hitting older age groups again. Nice dataviz (heatmap) on twitter

real world code: you do a lot of rituals with types for the compiler, and in the end a wrong password leads to an io exception...

Usually when I plot something and last samples are (near) zero, I think the dataset is incomplete for recent samples. But here? No: Not noise, signal, COVID19.

Nice visualisations in a report on the effect of COVID19 on internet traffic at the application level. Reports a large increase in bandwith usage (known), extremely large increase in video conferencing (gut feeling, now based on data)

So... were there 0 or 4 images available? One view , two ways of filtering...

Wondering whether it was a concious choice to use raw numbers (c.f. proportional numbers) for this map. Since I do not know the population size of European countries by heart, with proportional data I would be unable to estimate the totals.

Black out tuesday. Wondering about the selection criteria for the screen takeover.

Hypothesis: You can trigger virus scanners by using a well-known string in your wifi SSID 😂

I made a quick chart based on stichting NICE data (with pandas/altair/jupyter lab) that I could not find for the Netherlands: cumulative outcome after n days.

…but there is much more potential for visualizations.

SURFnet (in Dutch) on the changes on their network at the start of the network. Traffic patterns inverted, traffic links to consumer isps close to congestion (and traffic being rerouted), research networks perform fine due to being over dimensioned

Besides zoom's end-to-end encryption not actually being end-to-end on my calls, it is not enabled by default.

A foot-cannon.

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