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Hypothesis: You can trigger virus scanners by using a well-known string in your wifi SSID 😂

I tested this using the invalid prefixed announced by cloudflare ( and did pings from the consumer networks using RIPE Atlas (results:

I just checked what Dutch ISPs use RPKI validation ( and was amazed: Some do (XS4ALL, SURFnet), those of the majority of users do not (e.g. KPN, Ziggo, T-Mobile Thuis, …)

I made a quick chart based on stichting NICE data (with pandas/altair/jupyter lab) that I could not find for the Netherlands: cumulative outcome after n days.

…but there is much more potential for visualizations.

Just found out [parts of] the dutch government are working on a shared user experience structure and will likely open it up. Sounds (re-)usable! designsystem.gebruikercentraal

It feels very ad hoc. When the adoption rate of a system is essential, trust in the systems implementation is crucial. This concept deserves better/a do-over, such as called for by et al

I thought I heard the COVID-19 tracking apps in the Netherlands would be open source but I can not spot it in the tender ( Did I make it up, or am I overlooking it?

Government bailouts for companies that pay limited taxes and have spent their profit on buying back stocks... Is that an indirect a bailout of shareholders?

Good thread on the DP-3T protocol for privacy-perserving proximity tracking .

I do not see malicious client (database of MAC -> ephemeral IDs) in the threat model. But that is a disadvantage of any broadcasting scheme/could be solved by MAC randomisation.

SURFnet (in Dutch) on the changes on their network at the start of the network. Traffic patterns inverted, traffic links to consumer isps close to congestion (and traffic being rerouted), research networks perform fine due to being over dimensioned

Vega Lite now contains more compact grids of charts. Nice change, makes that more usable on small screens.

I just realised that the market cap for KLM is less than the value of the guaranteed loans - so getting stock in return for downside risk may not be possible?

A difference between 2008 and the current economic crash? In the banking crash governments got shares and interest for the provided loans. Now, it seems to be mostly the downside/risk of the loans.

2020, the year in which the general population fully realised how completely different the character of linear and exponential growth is…

Besides zoom's end-to-end encryption not actually being end-to-end on my calls, it is not enabled by default.

A foot-cannon.

If you see a healthcare capacity monitoring app that integrates into electronic healthcare records mentioned in the news in the Netherlands ( it has a business model where the user is the product.

Healthcare providers need a premium license to see detailed capacity information.

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