Do you know what I find disgusting? Is people walking around with the name of a football/soccer player printed on their t-shirt. Seriously, you walk with the name of a fucking millionaire around you slave!


@jeroenpraat @revolverocelot You're walking with the shirt of your idol, who has spent their entire life on perfecting their skills for a game that's very popular all around the world. What's wrong with that? If that's what they feel comfortable doing? If that is the inspiration to become good at something? (:

@Erik You can idolize people you really know, although idolizing is a very bad human behaviour. We all know what idolizing can lead to.

Of course people can be good at something, being it football, baking a pie or writing poems. The problem is they choose to becoming rich, and people idolizing those filthy rich people.

Or are you a capitalist, that don't have a problem with rich people? Or let me guess, you see you are not a capitalist, but this your blind spot, cause you 'love' football?


@jeroenpraat @revolverocelot

I definitely have nothing against rich people just because they are rich. I quite like to play football, but not so much to watch it (unless in a stadium as this afternoon, where the whole event around it makes it an experience).

Idolising can lead to inspiring people being recognised for what they have achieved (for for example philosophy, science, or humanity in general, or for certain opressed groups).


@jeroenpraat @revolverocelot

I see your point that people sometimes choose to become rich. Sometimes they don't, and they are just born rich. Sometimes they work very hard to become rich. I think it's what you do with the money that says something about your morality, and as long as you don't know that, it doesn't make any sense to judge them :)


@Erik OK clear! You are a full blood capitalist and pro-authoritarian. I'm not even going to argue with you any further. Although I don't think you're a bad person, but very naive and uninformed about the status qua.



@jeroenpraat @revolverocelot

Sure, if you ever want to continue argueing, feel free to send me a pm :)

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