Hi Fediverse!

One of the features I'm really missing here is to 'favourite' an account, as in, to make sure you don't miss any of their toots.

Maybe to get a notification of each of their toots, or to let them appear above all other toots in your timeline. Is something like this possible? I am aware of the option to make lists, but then I will still miss their toots if I don't click on the lists.

Thanks in advance!

@Erik So, you're saying you would favourite my account? πŸ˜„


@djoerd Yes, I never see any of your updates in my timeline so I have to go to your account manually to see if you have tooted something interesting ;-) But maybe putting those favourite accounts in a list is just the way to go!

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@Erik Yes, I have a list of some of the people I know IRL too.

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