Currently in a guest lecture by Ruben Verborgh on the SOLID project (Social Linked Data), led by Tim Berners Lee:

Do you know it? It looks similar to the small-web initiative by @aral
( or the QiY scheme ( It definitely also has similarities to the fediverse.

Going to look into it, but curious to hear your thoughts!

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@Erik @aral

Oh yes!
We know it very much.

[personal opinion !]
One of the most disappointing acts in my tech life.
We met the Tech Lead at FOSDEM where I wanted to bring ActivityPub and SOLID together, proposing to bring the authors to Ghent.
SOLID _could_ become a generic A.P. server. The promise of visiting us was never fulfilled.

We invited the SOLID team to
• 2 conferences
• next Offdem
• 3 panels etc.


I have all respect for SirTimBL !
I wish the old white men all the best.


I hate Access Control Lists and I don't like a “one-step creation and certificate publication user experience” where I have no idea what is going on and problems to find the right certificate.

I like ease of use.

@sl007 Thanks for sharing! Ruben affirmed SOLID focusses on building on top of existing protocols. As the project is led by TimBL, they are very close to the w3c web standards, and he also specifically mentioned AcitivityPub, so I assume that that will work out :)


Yes yes.
Saying things.

I like people hammering nails in wood.


Just note: A good opportunity would also have been to hack with Chris and me 1 week in a watertower. It was 70 km away from him and en route to FOSSDEM.

I had rented rooms, appartments and a cinema. We cooked together.

Saying things and “missing opportunities” …


but I agree:
Mentioning ActivityPub frequently is good for their money.


Sorry, I have read all the minutes from the very special CG …

Feel free to show me where they “mentioned ActivityPub”

@sl007 @Erik Well if you ever want us over (after the plague has passed or virtually, let us know. If it can also help fund our work at our not-for-profit with an honorarium, all the better.)

@aral @Erik

:) Next meeting is Saturday, we meet alternating FRI/SAT now.
I know that you are a small not-for-profit with honorarium.
I am one without :)

I do not want anybody particulary on any site. I am seeking to destroy walls and borders.
All I am saying is: The W3C Social CG is open for everyone and we prepare a warm welcome.

After we just did

NEXT !!! (!) :
Fediverse Enhancement Proposals

@aral @sl007 @Erik My respect for Berners-Lee has pretty much exhausted with this move.

@Erik @aral Yeah I know it - I work on developer tooling for Solid. I know far from everything, but happy to answer questions if you encounter any in your investigations :)

@Erik @aral Btw, I'm also maintaining a list of people interested in Solid at (I'm hoping that that's public?)

@Erik One of the main differences between SOLID and what we’re doing is that we’re not ­– and would never be – funded by venture capital. So the question no one’s answered yet for me is how are SOLID‘s investors going to get their returns. How is SOLID going to be a $billion+ business and which huge corporation is it going to exit to? (Because that’s the game when you take VC.)

@Erik (Apart from that we’re design-led and take an outside-in design approach rather than inside-out one – so starting with the thing that works and deriving protocols, etc., from that rather than the other way around – and we’re tiny and have no public funding whatsoever so we’re making slow but sure progress. Will talk about all that tomorrow in our live stream if you’re around. Including where we go next.)

@Erik @aral yep, though its sad and bad that non of them talk to each other... this is the death of every project and a deep #geekproblem that we are yet to medate for a good outcome - the fedivers is a step to medation :)

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