I'm new to Ycombinator / Hacker news. But the discussions seem interesting, so maybe I can check it more often.

This article is about 'infosec-handbook' leaving the fediverse. It sounds relatable, so I replied with this

I do also see the 'us vs them' on the fediverse sometimes. I think bringing together polarised people is a good thing. It should reconnect.

"If we’re to live up to our own time, then victory won’t lie in the blade, but in all the bridges we’ve made."

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Are you able to post the original article?

article is about 'infosec-handbook' leaving the fediverse

Security and the fediverse is IMHO a very connected imho. To give you a very simple example, I reported to one of the fediverse players since my nickname (no, not the one in here) is triggering certain attacks in a very passive way. It simply started to nag once someone connected to me. That is fixed now.

What remains is a bunch of people who work with AP (to name one) and who are eager to make a good product. Security will always play a role IMHO.

What I am curious about is where you state the infosec-handbook leaving the fediverse. Do you have more info?

You can’t migrate your posts if you need to migrate to another Mastodon server.

Not fully true.

You can’t update your posts without losing shares and comments.

That depends on what you are using. Mastodon has a way to delete and draft. Yes, comments will be deleted. Keep in mind that the AP folks state it should be implemented in a different way.

All posts have a character limit, so we can’t say everything we want in a single post.

Instances can simply change the number of chars allowed in a post. While this is done in the qoto mastodon instance people should be aware that posting more then the regular 500 chars are not visible elsewhere.

Many Fediverse users claim to be the “better and open-minded alternative to Twitter.” We think that this doesn’t reflect reality, as explained below.

We are people.

Here's their article:

Much of it seems to be complaining about random internet users being wrong sometimes. Valid complaint, to be honest. Correct assumptions are not a condition to have debates,, and people absolutely *are* wrong on the internet sometimes. But I've had loads more of good debates here than elsewhere.

The bits about security: Yes, I wish that was better. But it's still *way* better than if it were owned by one company

@Erik ik zag je reactie op HN dus vandaar de follow 👋

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