This is the most fascinating video I've ever seen:

"“I think the fragility of life also really shines through in this video because this embryo is just exposed to the world and all of the things we do to the world.”

Website filmmaker Jan van IJken:

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@Erik That is beautiful! Reminds me of a toxicology class were we saw the different stages of embryonic development of the zebra fish (Danio rerio). Nature is truly remarkable.

Absolutely stunning.
I was shown around a developmental biology lab once, where they did "4D microscoopy":scanning semi-transparent embryos of nematodes with laser sheets, repeatedly, to get a 3D movies of which cell goes where. This stuff is so amazing.

The only thing that impressed me more was the segment at 8:35 of this video, almost 10y ago:
(but feel free to watch the whole thing!)
There must be even coo ... and I'm stuck again:

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