I'm looking for a nice gifts for relations, like speakers at events or members that have contributd a lot. I would like it to be useful for anyone, but preferably related to global warming / social cooling. Any ideas?

My favourites that I have are the first aid kit from Chipsoft, webcam covers (I'm always reminded about the company Motiv by looking at my webcamcover) and the screwdriver package by Liander, which is just very convenient to have :)

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You could try and see if one of the maker/hacker labs knows where to get a badge that is charged by solar power? Maybe even in the form of a logo? You can ask the people from tkkrlab or fablab (Dave)

This is a hard thing to do right, often these kind of gadgets/gifts will become trash or gather dust in the back of a drawer somewhere.

People like giving something physical over something like, I don't know, a VPN subscription or a donation to a good cause. But something physical almost always leads to waste.

I couldn't find anything about the things you mention from Chipsoft and Liander, do you have a link?

Maybe think about:
Wild flower seeds (save the bees)
Bubble buddy soap tray

@kingannoy I don't have links, but Chipsoft is an IT company that seems to always have their 'first aid bag' full of plasters and alcohol pads etc in goodiebags of (student) IT events. Liander is a network operator (related to Alliander), so they had these nice multitool-screwsdriver with also a light on it

I like the soap =) I also like things like a towel (which I got from a triathlon), where we could buy them in bulk from a sustainable retailer. But thanks, just gathering ideas!

Ah, right! I thought those were products of theirs and didn't understand because that doesn't fit their companies 😅 This clears it up!

Maybe a product that helps reduce waste? Like a nice tea strainer? I thought the screwdriver was also in this idea, that it would empower you to repair instead of replacing.

Maybe something like ifixit's prying and opening tools? With some instructions?

@Erik @kingannoy
I got a screwdriver thingie with a light on it at CeBIT some years ago, magnetic and with reversible bit.

...made of cheap plasic which can't actually bear any load, cheap bits which lost their shape quick, and actually I already owned a good screwdriver, and several less good. And the light broke after a month.

Best way to make sure you're not giving them something they already have is with consumable stuff. The webcam cover might be cool, though, not many people have those.

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