Mass-abuse in Xinjiang 

For these people, 'hell on earth' continues. It will probably continue for years, and I don't want to just keep sharing news articles about rape and abuse. How can you do something about this?

China has so much potential and so much great culture and history, why are they doing these kind of things?

Denying these atrocities decimates their credibility as a new world leader, right?

When you look at all China's accomplishments: is this worth it?

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@Erik I don't think it is wise to link accomplishments and oppression. One can come without another - and it is especially true for human rights abuse. If ethnic abuse and basic freedom led to accomplishments we would be in far more developed world now. But the most countries who are good with abuse are also stalled on development or degrading.

@alex Hmm. I think it is quite useful to link accomplishments and oppression. Then you can see how they relate. I think it's really clear that colonialism stalled developments of nations (see ). But for example in the Netherlands, more and more people are realising that our wealth ('Golden Era') comes from opression. Was that worth it? With our actions we write our own history, and maybe I wonder if the Chinese government is realising that too.

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