Is anyone aware of an initiative like Duolingo but then without the ads? I really like the app, but I really dislike paying €7,33 a month or watching an ad after every single lesson..

Otherwise, is anyone willing to set up a non-profit for learning languages? :P

@Erik Not exactly the same thing but Language Transfer courses are free and pretty nice.

Oooh nice! I immediately suggested /e/ to add it to their app store :D Will try it!

@Erik I use Anki. but it's different. Anki doesn't really teach things. Instead, it helps me to memorize words, after I manually entered them, and their translation, into Anki.

@Erik there used to be a lot of great websites for this when I was a high school student, but then Rosetta Stone bought and shut down *all* of them 😢

@Erik 50languages has ads, only perhaps less intrusive.

@Erik I don't have an alternative unfortunately but I may have a workaround for DuoLingo: at the time when I used it, you could use Blokada to block DuoLingo's requests to the ad server.
The app was still working perfectly with zero ads.

Wow that seems to work! I have not heard of Blokada before, thanks! Any idea how it works? It sets up a VPN so apparently it does send your data somewhere?

@Erik it checks all requests and blocks some based on a list.
It is available on F-droid, is open-source, and well known, so it should be safe, but I cannot guarantee anything, I never checked it myself

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