When hosting your own #mastodon instance, is it better to self-host it at home using some #SBC, such as Raspberry Pi, or pay for a #VPS?

@gadonias Define better? Because I can think of reasons for and against either option...

@sandyman Well, I believe that in terms of price, we can always find a fair one. I'm concerned about the SBC not being capable of handling the traffic at an acceptable speed. I currently own a RPi 4 w/ 4 GB of RAM, and my intentions are to definitely put it to work, self-host not only a mastodon instance, but also my website and, if it handles, connect a HD and host my private cloud, otherwise, I could buy another SBC depending on my success at the time.


@gadonias What SBC are you using?

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@sandyman No, like I said, I'm not sure if it's a good way to host a mastodon instance, that's why I've been meaning to get some input from people who host their own instances or have done this experiment before 😅

@gadonias Well, I haven’t got it to work so far on a Pi4. There are, of course, other sbc’s that probably would work.

I like the idea of having my own instance, because it really drives home the point of decentralised social media. But it comes with caveats, like having something online that’s potential vulnerable and draws energy. I don’t have solar panels... 😄

@sandyman It's like putting all your eggs in a potentially very insecure basket. Also, you could use a stationary bike to generate energy and store it in a battery. If you don't cycle, the server will eventually go down. At least it's good for your health, though.

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